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MiraCosta vintage tee
  • MiraCosta vintage tee


    This (size MEDIUM) tee is super cozy & a beautiful baby boy color. This event - MiraCosta SunDay - well, not so sure on that one...  but that's the fun in a vintage tee, right? 


    MiraCosta College is a public community college serving coastal North San Diego County in California & I'm going to guess that the SunDay was an event not to be missed! Looks like this one includes hot air ballooning over the beautiful ocean waters under the heat of the California sun! Sounds FUN!! 


    Want this yummy vintage tee for yourself? Now is the time! 


    Tag Reads: Hanes M (38-40)


    Tee Reads: MiraCosta SunDay


    This is a light, baby blue tee & can be bleach-dyed or tie-dyed. +$5

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