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New River
  • New River


    This (size MEDIUM) tee is in great condition & full of fun!

    (Or fear if you are like me and scared AF of what I like to call, living water.) 


    Yes, my husband is the ultimate water boy & yet I am absolutely terrified of it! BUT, I have had my share of FOMO in my life so when I was invited to a dear friend's Bachelorette Party to go white water rafting, you better believe I said Yes! Sure, tears streamed down my face as we ascended to the starting point... so what? By the time we got to the end, I was ready to book my next trip! Did I? nope. Will I? likely not. But hey, I made new friends, great memories, and conquered that fear (temporarily).   


    Anyhoooooo, if you're a scaredy cat like me, snag this cute tee & pretend like the adventure is one you've already taken & do not need to do again. ;)

    OR grab this vintage tee to strike up a convo on your next white water trip! 


    Tee Reads: 


    "The pulse pounding, butt kicking ride of a lifetime" 


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    BEST Fruit of the Loom -Adult M- Made in the USA

    *This is a vibrant gold tee.


    New River Gorge is located in Fayette County, West Virginia.

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