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  • Splat-Shot


    size MEDIUM


    I LOVE the color of this tee... the perfect shade of coral! Fun Fact: my mom made my Prom gown my senior year and hand-beaded the entire bodice!!! She even made my date, Kenny Rush, a matching vest and me a matching beaded(!!) purse! I MEAN! Aaaaaanyway, my dress was this same beautiful coral! 


    Ok, I digress! If you're looking for a sweet vintage tee to add to your collection, consider this purty one! Who can pass up the words "Splat Shot" anyway!? LOL

    Front Reads: 

    Tournament House

    Racquetball & Fitness

    Riverside, Ca

    Back Reads: 

    1st Annual 

    Rich Wagner

    Splat-Shot Open


    *Wonder if this was a one & done or if Rich's legacy lives on? 



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